Rock Steady Boxing Bergen County Team

Charlie has been studying and working in the health and fitness field since 1984 and has been involved in all practical, administrative and managerial areas of personal fitness training, nutrition, sports activity direction, athletic training and outdoor activities.

He has held multiple fitness certifications, has spent countless hours on self‑education and hands­-on experience in both traditional and the latest, cutting‑edge fitness principles and philosophies. He has trained and instructed thousands of clients, athletes and class members of all ages and abilities, providing them motivation and education in areas of health, nutrition and lifestyle enhancement. He has also worked with hundreds of trainers, coaches, instructors, nutritionists, physiologists, therapists, motivators and health practitioners from all across the health and fitness spectrum. He has owned and managed fitness companies and has experience in outdoor activity coordination, leading hikes, bootcamps, bike tours, boxing and martial arts.

Charlie Toole - Program Director


Brad Vaccaro - Founder

Brad Vaccaro has been training and educating athletes all over the country for almost twenty years about increasing speed and improving strength and power. He specializes is sport specific training with a focus on injury prevention. He has worked with over 30,000 athletes with phenomenal success and NO injuries. He has also been coaching track all over Bergen County NJ for 2 decades.


Vaccaro is owner of the Sports Conditioning Institute in FairLawn, NJ. They have been the leaders in football position specific and combine prep training, track and field event training and overall athlete and adult personal training for over 13 years. He has pioneered a new training philosophy that is outlined in his videos and publications known as the “Training Revolution”, which details the trademarked training method “Anti Momentum Training.” This method gets the most out of athletes while avoiding the DANGEROUS exercises that are done by other supposed “fitness experts”.  This method eliminates the most injury prone exercises and utilizes revolutionary lifting techniques that reduce stresses on the body.


He Became “Rock Steady Boxing” certified in September of 2017. He has always wanted to help others, and this is truly another great way to improve the lives of people afflicted with this disease.

Education – Associates degree in Exercise Science, NASM Advanced cert 1998, ACSM cert 1997, MES cert 1999, ACE cert 1996You will not find a SAFER / more effective workout anywhere!

Danielle Irish is a doctor of Physical Therapy and clinical director. She is also a fitness enthusiast and a high level Spartan race competitor. She became Rock Steady certified in 2017 and has taken the best Rock steady program in NJ to the next level. She runs very creative classes that are focused on balance, flexibility, coordination and proper function to help our members to live a more healthy and functional life!

Danielle Irish - Founder

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